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The 400acre
MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) campus isa diverse landscape that supports many events during the course of the year, including the Common Ground Country Fair. We are seeking an intern to tend the various plant collections and actively work to develop the educational infrastructure on the grounds. Day to day activities will familiarize the prospective intern with organic gardening and small scale farm enterprise responsibilities, from planting to harvest. Intern would have the opportunity to carry out their own projects on the grounds, such as a small personal garden, small livestock
project, etc. Orchard, shade tree, perennial bed and annual row crop care will occupy much of the seasonal tasks, with an emphasis on feeding Fair volunteers, providing food and seed
for other events, and creating living educational displays. We also seek to supply the local food banks with surplus gleanings when possible. We are seeking a person with a strong desire to learn, who can work alone and with a diverse crew, to complete projects that will help to inform and inspire gardeners visiting the grounds. Intern is requested to work from June 1st 2016 through October 15th 2016. Hours can be flexible to accommodate school schedule. A minimum committment to 24hrs per week of labor is being requested. Position may require strenuous physical labor, and some work may occur during inclement weather.

A biweekly stipend will be provided. Opportunity to camp on MOFGA’s grounds in designated area. Limited use of MOFGA’s bunkhouse for sleeping, bathing and cooking. Access to wireless connection. Use of MOFGA’s library during regular office hours. Admission to MOFGA’s educational events. Active role in Common Ground Fair

Loan Processor: Farm Link

Loan Processor Position Announcement
Status: Full Time, Non-Exempt
Reports To: Director of Lending
Supervisory: Not Applicable
Primary Office: Watsonville
Salary: $35-50k commensurate with experience
This new position will play a key role in the expansion of CA FarmLink’s innovative Community Development
Financial Institution which is unique in the country in providing small and immigrant farmers with access to capital
and technical assistance. The Loan Processor will manage the loan application intake process, ensuring that
FarmLink receives a complete application package from farmer applicants, supporting timely and efficient
underwriting by loan officers and underwriters. The position will support the planned growth of FarmLink’s Loan
Program in 2016, and the integration of regional field staff into the loan intake process.
Customer Service
• Serve as initial point of contact for FarmLink’s Loan Program; effectively represent/sell loan products
• Act as liaison between borrower, regional field staff, loan officer/underwriter and loan services
• Provide customer with timely and periodic status updates of their loan application; return all inquiry calls
within one business day
• Provide technical assistance to farmer applicants in completing applications as necessary
Loan Intake and Data Management
• Collect required documentation from applicants, verify accuracy and completeness, and follow up on
missing items
• Compile documents for applicant loan files and enter information into underwriting system for loan officer
assessment and processing
• Maintain pipeline report and ensure lenders are apprised of updates
• Order credit and title reports; verify application information
• Establish, maintain, and update files, databases, records and documents for recurring internal reports
• Ensure that all applicant/borrower files are complete and in compliance with regulatory and internal policies
• Continually assess loan intake processes and systems to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
• Ability to provide excellent customer service in person, on the phone and via email
• Ability to communicate the written and spoken word in both English and Spanish (Bilingual)
• Good organizational skills, well disciplined, and able to meet deadlines; self starter
• Ability to handle multiple tasks and frequent interruptions
• Ability to handle stressful situations with calmness and courtesy, while meeting deadlines
• Knowledge and experience using MS Word, Excel; as well as basic accounting procedures
• 1-3 years of experience handling personal financial information, ideally in a banking or lending setting
• Minimum BS in business administration, finance, community development or other related field, or the
equivalent combination of education and work experience
• Familiarity with agriculture, agricultural lending, and CDFI loan products a plus
California FarmLink offers a generous benefit plan, including health insurance after 60 days, retirement, and
vacation. California FarmLink maintains a drug-free workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.
How To Apply
Please email a thoughtful cover letter explaining your interest in the position and organization with resume to: No phone calls please.
Who We Are
California FarmLink is a statewide nonprofit whose mission is to link independent farmers and ranchers with the
land and financing they need for a sustainable future. For more info:

the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Internship



A summer internship will be available under the supervision of Conservation Officer Glen Lucas with the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.  The internship will be based out of the Lancaster Office but will focus in the area around Colebrook.  The internship will focus on the everyday working life of a CO and what they do.  This could vary from 1 hour to the next in any given day.  Some activities may include but are not limited to Stocking fish, assisting with carry-outs and Search and rescues, patrolling with a CO on a dirt bike, ATV, boat truck etc., maintenance of equipment, Operation Game Thief projects, surveillance of fishermen, undercover work, working with state fish hatchery personnel.  This internship is available starting in May and ending in September.  This is an unpaid internship.  Lodging may be available. Hours most likely to be worked are various weekdays with some weekends as well.  Hours are flexible and we would prefer an internship to last at least until July.

Any questions please contact CO Glen Lucas by email.


OPEN DATE:  February 19, 2016                   Closing Date:  March 31, 2016


The Maine Marine Patrol is currently accepting applications to fill a Marine Patrol Officer position.  This position will be hired in an acting capacity assignment (temporary) for the 2016 summer season.  Work will be performed primarily in York County through the summer with the possibility of continuing until October depending on the candidate’s availability. For more information on the position, contact Marine Patrol Pilot Steve Ingram @             (207)-624-6560


This is investigative and protective services work involving the enforcement of marine resource conservation law, rules, regulations, and other laws within the jurisdiction of the Maine Marine Patrol. Responsibilities include patrolling an assigned coastal area by land and aboard patrol vessels, protecting marine resources, coastal property, and the public; enforcing applicable laws; and investigating complaints and incidents. Work will be performed primarily in York County through the summer with the possibility of continuing until October depending on the candidate’s availability.


In order to qualify, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent, be at least twenty-one (21) years of age by the time of appointment to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, unless the applicant has an associate’s degree or 60 credit hours of post-secondary education in which case the applicant must be at least 20 years of age. Candidate must have no criminal or extensive motor vehicle record. Proof of age (e.g. legible copy of birth certificate or driver’s license) and a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent MUST accompany your application.  Preference may be given to candidates who have attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program. Applicants must be willing to reside in an area between Greater Portland and the Maine/New Hampshire border for the summer.

LICENSING REQUIREMENT: You must have or be able to obtain a valid State of Maine motor vehicle operator’s license.


Because of the responsibilities and authority of a Marine Patrol Officer, the examination process is extensive, thorough, and time consuming. This process is conducted by the Department of Marine Resources. The examination process involves multiple evaluation phases including a Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and the Alert Test to be administered by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA) in Vassalboro, Maine. A Screening Interview will be held at the Department of Marine Resources in Augusta. Applicants must contact MCJA at (207) 877-8000 in order to schedule the Alert Test and PFT. The Alert Test and PFT will be held at the Academy on March 2nd and 16th. A minimum passing score of 37 is required on the Alert Test. For the PFT, applicants must score in the 40th percentile or above based on the Cooper Standards. Results of the Alert Test and PFT must accompany your application package (see application information).

The Department of Marine Resources reserves the right to use any other selection devices necessary in order to identify those candidates who are most qualified.

You should be aware before starting the application process that you will automatically be eliminated for any of the following:


  1. Have been found guilty of murder or any crime classified in Maine as a Class A, Class B, or Class C crime (any Felony) or a conviction for any equivalent crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine;
  2. Have been found guilty of any crime classified in Maine law as a Class D crime (misdemeanor with a maximum possible term of imprisonment of less than one year) or a conviction for any equivalent crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine;
  3. Have been found guilty of any of the following provisions of the Maine Criminal Code or a conviction for any equivalent crime in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine:
    1) Chapter 15 (Theft);
    2) Chapter 19 (Falsification in Official Matters);
    3) Chapter 25 (Bribery and Corrupt Practices); or
    4) Chapter 45 (Drugs);
  4. Must not have engaged in any conduct that is penalized in the State of Maine as Murder, Class A, Class B, Class C, or Class D crime, or any provision of the Maine Criminal Code, Chapters 15, 19, 25, or 45; or engaged in such conduct in another jurisdiction outside the State of Maine, unless that conduct is not punishable as a crime under the laws of that jurisdiction;
  5. Have been found guilty of any crime that is a violation of the domestic abuse provisions of any state or federal statutes.
  6. Have been found guilty of operating-under-the-influence (O.U.I.) of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs within the 10 years prior to application;
  7. Have been adjudicated to have committed a 0.02 violation within the ten (10) years prior to application;
  8. Illegally sold scheduled drugs or drugs which require a prescription;
  9. Engaged in illegal drug use beyond what is considered as experimental;
  10. Are currently abusing drugs or alcohol; or
  11. Falsify or misrepresent a material fact when interviewed during the Background Investigation, or the Polygraph Examination, or on the Pre-polygraph questionnaire.

After a final interview, a job offer is made. Employment is contingent upon the outcomes of a background investigation, polygraph examination, psychological examination, physical examination, color blindness test and swim test.


Because of the responsibilities and authority of a Marine Patrol Officer, the examination and selection process is extensive and thorough. The complete testing process consists of multiple evaluation phases.

1) ALERT TEST: Applicants must have already taken and passed the ALERT Test prior to applying to the Department of Marine Resources for the position of Marine Patrol Officer. It is not necessary to re-take the Alert Test if you have successfully completed it in the past.

The Alert Test may be scheduled by calling the Maine Criminal Justice Academy at (207) 877-8000. There is a $50 fee for this test. Testing is scheduled for March 2nd and 16th at MCJA in Vassalboro. This test must meet MCJA’s minimum passing score for entrance into the Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program. Test Questions are multiple choice and fall within the categories of Writing Skills and Reading Comprehension.

2) PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PFT): Applicants must have already taken and passed the PFT prior to applying to the Department of Marine Resources for the position of Marine Patrol Officer. The PFT needs to have been taken within one year from beginning Phase II of the Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program.

The PFT may be scheduled by calling the Maine Criminal Justice Academy at (207) 877-8000. There is a $35 fee for this test. Testing is scheduled for March 2nd and 16th at MCJA in Vassalboro. The PFT is a pass/fail test. The PFT consists of three events: a one minute timed push-up test, a one minute timed sit-up test, and a 1.5 mile run. Standards for successful completion of the PFT are available upon request from MCJA.

3) APPLICATION EVALUATION: Completed applications received at the Department of Marine Resources will be held in order to be considered for a screening interview.

Applications are reviewed to verify that each candidate meets the established minimum requirements listed on the Career Opportunity Bulletin. Applicants who do not meet these requirements are disqualified from further consideration as candidates.

4) SCREENING INTERVIEW: To be held at a date to be determined this spring.

All applicants successfully meeting the Minimum Requirements and passing the Alert Test and PFT will be scheduled for a Screening Interview. The Screening Interview is a structured interview that evaluates applicant’s skills in the areas of Commitment & Independence; Judgment & Logic; Decision Making/ Decisiveness; Experience; and Communication Skills/Tact & Diplomacy.

5) FINAL INTERVIW: The top candidate or candidates will be referred on to an interview with the Chief.

NOTE: Each component of the Marine Patrol Direct Hire examination process must be completed successfully. Failure to successfully complete a component will result in disqualification from further consideration.


You must complete a State of Maine Direct Hire Application form or you can find the application at the Bureau of Human Resources in Augusta, all Maine Career Center Offices, or the State’s Web Page at

Be as complete as possible in describing education, training, and work experience (paid and unpaid) on your application. Additional sheets may be used; however, information must be in the same format as shown on the application form. The completed application form, including results of the Alert Test and Physical Fitness Test, birth certificate, driver’s license, copy of high school diploma or equivalent, a one-page resume of your qualifications, a one page cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position, your post-secondary transcripts, as well as proof of licensing/registration/certification, must be sent to:

Department of Marine Resources
21 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0021
Attn: Marine Patrol Pilot Steve Ingram

Telephone: (207) 624-6560,  TTY: (207) 287-4474
(Located at 32 Blossom Lane, Marquardt Building, Augusta)



The State of Maine is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.
Qualified women and minorities are encouraged to a