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11 Steps to Launching Your Green Career

How will you find your green dream job? With so many buzz words like Environmental, Conservation, Energy, Renewable, Sustainability, Eco, Green, and Clean, where does one begin? Green internships and jobs can be found in almost every industry, so the first task is for you to identify the industry in which you are most interested or the one which best fits your skill set.

The basics for launching your green career

  • If you are truly interested in a green career, you might consider exploring the industries in which you are interested.
  • Next, get involved with on- campus organizations like Wildlife Club, Outing Club, Conservation Law Enforcement Club, or the many other clubs and organizations Unity College has to offer.
  • A  green summer internship can provide you with the experience you need to land your first job after Unity. It’s important to “test drive” the industry of your choice so that you know whether or not it’s right for you. 2-3 sold internships on your resume will make you a valuable candidate upon graduation.
  • Network! It’s key for finding work in any profession. Be sure to build your green network before you need it. Also, be sure to talk with your professors who may serve as great resources in the process.
  • Consider working for the U.S. government. Many exciting policy jobs and scientific careers may be found in the government.
  • Be prepared with a strong resume, cover letter, and well- developed interviewing skills.

Planning your career path for green jobs

  • Green jobs follow many different timelines. Do you plan to work in business? For the U.S. government? As a scientist? As an advocate? For a non-profit organization? Its important to learn the timeline for the industry in which your interests fall.
  • First identify 1-3 fields you might want to explore. Meet with a career advisor to discuss your approach to the search and identify resources that might be helpful.
  • During the fall semester, begin researching organizations or companies at which you are interested in working. This applies to summer internship searches as well as the entry- level job search.
  • Over the winter and early spring semester, prepare your job application materials. Many opportunities will have deadlines of December- March.
  • The job and internship search will frequently continue into the spring, with new postings coming in regularly. Establish a good relationship with your career advisor so he/ she will think to invite you to events or send you job postings as opportunities arise.