Just what are “green industry” jobs ?

Below is a short list of green industry jobs that you might want to consider:

Conservation & Ecology
Trail/ Park maintenance
Parks and Outdoor recreation
Wildlife protection
Conservation biology
Climate change research Ecological sciences

Sustainable building/ Architecture
Green Construction
LEED certification
Urban planning
Transportation Landscape architecture

Sales (Solar, etc.)
Green event planning/ Offsetting
Web development/ IT Environmental consulting

Solid waste management & Recycling
Hazardous waste management
Air or Water quality management
Fishery and Wildlife management

Food movement/ nonprofit
Equipment Sales 

Policy/ Advocacy
Environmental Education & Communication
Environmental Law
Energy effciency policy/ lobbying

And many more… 

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Nicole Collins

Nicole Collins

Director of Career Services at Unity College
Collins is Director of Career Services at Unity College. Her successes include increasing the amount of student career center use by over 200%, coordinating the largest environmental career fair in New England (with over 85 participating employers), supporting an increase in student internship placement by 70% and establishing a grant funded intern partnership with the White Mountain National Forest Service. In addition to her role in Career Services, Collins also instructs a 1-credit professional development course.
Nicole Collins

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