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MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association) campus isa diverse landscape that supports many events during the course of the year, including the Common Ground Country Fair. We are seeking an intern to tend the various plant collections and actively work to develop the educational infrastructure on the grounds. Day to day activities will familiarize the prospective intern with organic gardening and small scale farm enterprise responsibilities, from planting to harvest. Intern would have the opportunity to carry out their own projects on the grounds, such as a small personal garden, small livestock
project, etc. Orchard, shade tree, perennial bed and annual row crop care will occupy much of the seasonal tasks, with an emphasis on feeding Fair volunteers, providing food and seed
for other events, and creating living educational displays. We also seek to supply the local food banks with surplus gleanings when possible. We are seeking a person with a strong desire to learn, who can work alone and with a diverse crew, to complete projects that will help to inform and inspire gardeners visiting the grounds. Intern is requested to work from June 1st 2016 through October 15th 2016. Hours can be flexible to accommodate school schedule. A minimum committment to 24hrs per week of labor is being requested. Position may require strenuous physical labor, and some work may occur during inclement weather.

A biweekly stipend will be provided. Opportunity to camp on MOFGA’s grounds in designated area. Limited use of MOFGA’s bunkhouse for sleeping, bathing and cooking. Access to wireless connection. Use of MOFGA’s library during regular office hours. Admission to MOFGA’s educational events. Active role in Common Ground Fair

Nicole Collins

Nicole Collins

Director of Career Services at Unity College
Collins is Director of Career Services at Unity College. Her successes include increasing the amount of student career center use by over 200%, coordinating the largest environmental career fair in New England (with over 85 participating employers), supporting an increase in student internship placement by 70% and establishing a grant funded intern partnership with the White Mountain National Forest Service. In addition to her role in Career Services, Collins also instructs a 1-credit professional development course.
Nicole Collins

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